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Luce Takes Vanterpool To Task For His Record And Manner

Luce Takes Vanterpool To Task For His Record And Manner


ROAD TOWN, TORTOLA (Feb 10): Virgin Islands Party (VIP) candidate Luce Smith-Hodge says she will pay more attention to the needs of the 4th District, than then incumbent Mark Vanterpool has.

Smith-Hodge made a near half-hour pitch for her candidacy during Saturday night’s launch in Road Town.

She highlighted needs such as fixing the sewage system; ensuring a more reliable water supply, tackling the Elmore Stoutt High School “neglect” and dealing with street lighting as among some of the priorities.

“Our mission is to fix what is broken; to heal what is infected; to replace despair with hope,” she declared to loud cheers.

While not calling him by name, Hodge-Smith chided Vanterpool for not being focused on the job of representing the people

“A few months ago, he was running away from you, now he is back, running scared,” she said of Vanterpool, who up to late last year was not sure he wanted to be a candidate again.

“He is running scared because he can’t explain the overrun of the Pier Park Project.  He is running scared because he and his friends cannot account for 15 million dollars taken from the Social Security Board,” Hodge-Smith declared.

“Anybody who hires a man who turns around and don’t do what he is hired for, he gets fired.  It’s time for a woman to do the job,” Hodge-Smith quipped.

The VIP candidate also upbraided her opponent about his manner on the campaign trail.

“The incumbent has tried to ridicule me by calling me a little girl.  In his attempt at doing so, he has exposed his smallness and his meanness. In doing so he has also exposed his contempt for you,” Hodge-Smith said.

“And here in District 4, we don’t reward meanness and we don’t reward contempt!” she declared.


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