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Commissioner: Police Never Used Live Ammunition In Salisbury Operation

Commissioner: Police Never Used Live Ammunition In Salisbury Operation


ROSEAU, DOMINICA (Dec 6, 2016) – The Dominica police have denied that live ammunition was used in a much-publicized operation in Salisbury on Friday.

Anti-government supporters, and local radio station Q 95, an opposition-aligned network had claimed that live ammunition was used on people there.

But Dominica Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon said the reports were false.

He said the police used tear gas and rubber bullets after they were attacked by a mob.”

“The police conduct an operation in conjunction with RSS (Regional Security System) to unblock the road at Salisbury (on Thursday). The police was successful in unblocking the road at Salisbury. In doing so the police came under attack by what I consider to be a mob; pelting stones, bottles and firebombs at the police,” he said.

“The police had to use necessary force, and in that situation used tear gas and rubber bullets in order to protect themselves,” Carbon said.

He added: “I want to confirm that at no time did the police use live ammunition at the community in Salisbury.”

Carbon said three officers were injured during the operations. Medical sources in Salisbury confirmed that two civilians were treated for injuries.

The Dominican Police Chief said there was also an attempt to firebomb the Salisbury police station.

Meantime, the government on Friday denied a rumor promoted mainly through social media that Venezuelan security forces are in the island.

“There is no semblance of truth in any of this,” the National Security Minister said.

Dominicans began voting in general elections Friday morning mainly under overcast skies, which has since cleared by mid-morning.

There have been no reports of any incidences and the vote appears to have been conducted incident-free in the early hours.


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