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Real unity as Grenada promotes its soca artistes in TT

Real unity as Grenada promotes its soca artistes in TT


SPICEMAS Corporation out of Grenada kept a Meet Our Artistes media briefing at the offices of the Grenada Consulate at 127 Henry Street, Port of Spain.

The purpose of the briefing was to expose the TT media to the Grenadian soca artistes who are campaigning in the 2020 TT Carnival.

The occasion gave the local media a chance to see and hear the artistes from the Spice isle up close and personal. Ten soca artistes were present and they showed a keen sense of responsibility to their country putting Grenada first in everything they said.

There was a unity among these artistes never seen before, they all hugged and greeted each other with sincerity. When it came to singing, they all knew each others’ songs and helped along the way.

Luni Spark and Electrify – Gary Cardinez

Those present at the briefing were Mandela Linkz, Dash, Luni Sparks and Electrify, Lil Natty and Thunda, Runi J, Rhymez, Mr Terra and Squeaky. Missing were Skinny Banton, V’ghn and Mr Killa.

Each artiste gave a brief history of himself while inviting people to Grenada. Almost all the present were at one time a soca monarch or road march king.

Grenada consular officer Michael Brizan said, “Trinidad Carnival is upon us and we are looking forward to the International Soca Monarch as we all know how it unfolded last year. And that is an indication of things to come this year as we have great expectations.

“We are here to lend support to the artistes and get the word out about what we in Grenada produce. But we have been producing for some time, both Sparrow and Brother Valentino were born in Grenada, and I will let you know that Devon Seale is Grenadian by descent.”

Brizan also invited all to Spicemas saying it’s on the second Monday and Tuesday in August and the selling point is Spicemas is the safest Carnival in the Caribbean.

CEO of Spicemas Corporation Kelvin Jacob said the initiative of Meet out Artistes came about after seeing how hard the Grenadian soca artistes are working by themselves to promote their brand in TT Carnival.

Teddy Rhymez – Gary Cardinez

“We do not have money but we know we can support them by being creative and this is why we are here today. We want to help them get to the International Soca Monarch and other events and by extension the world.”

Without fail, Jacob also invited all present to Spice mas Grenada saying it’s the place to be. Not only is it the safest Carnival around, “We have the best J’Ouvert (Jab), and the greatest Monday night mas.”

The briefing turned into a mini concert as several of the artistes sang songs for the audience and had everyone singing.


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