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All-female Mayreau working boat crew makes history

All-female Mayreau working boat crew makes history


St. Vincent: An all-female crew from Mayreau raced a working boat for the first time ever in this nation on Saturday at the Grenadines Sailing Tournament, hosted by the Canouan Island Council.

Team Captain Jeaneil Cayenne, a high-school student, was joined by classmate Samarah Forde, and two adult women, Helen Forde and Charlene (Charlie) Wilson, in God’s Angel — a 14-foot working boat owned by Lenus (Claude) Alexander of Mayreau.

In difficult weather, facing wind, current and waves, the women completed the long challenging course in 2 hours and 54 minutes.

“The best part was coming up from Jondelle,” said Cayenne, referring to a rock near Mayreau’s Catholic Island, some five miles away from the finish line.

“Because there was plenty wind and plenty water coming in. This shows women can do the same men can do when it comes to sailing.”


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