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Vincy Mas welcomes TT help

Vincy Mas welcomes TT help


Trinidad and Tobago is regarded by many as the mecca of Carnival in the Caribbean. It was for this reason the St Vincent and the Grenadines Carnival Development Corporation chose to launch theirs here.

The launch happened on Thursday last week at Synergy TV on Ariapita Avenue in Port of Spain.

Esworth “Ezzie” Roberts, development and marketing officer at the corporation, said there were a plethora of reasons for the group to come to TT to launch their carnival.

“You have a large population – over one million. Trinidadians are known for partying, so you have that crowd for artistes right there. Then you have a number of people coming into the country, so you have that additional group. If we get together we will get bigger.”

He also noted TT’s media establishments, such as Synergy TV, broadcast to a number of islands regionally.

“It is an excellent opportunity for us to reach a large audience.”

He further hailed TT’s Carnival for helping develop Vincentian performers. He said Skinny Fabulous’ success in the Road March last year was testimony to how TT’s Carnival has helped shaped their singers and songwriters.

“So many of the Vincentian soca artistes have passed through TT to perform, gain experience and exposure.”

Vincy Mas is from June 26-July 7. The first event is always on the last Friday in June and ends on the first Tuesday in July.

Among the events Roberts highlighted was the rural carnival where everyone from the different rural areas take part in pageants, steelpan, calypso and J’Ouvert.


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