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Energy Minister says burnt gas station was compliant with safety measures

Energy Minister says burnt gas station was compliant with safety measures


Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Hon. Fayval Williams, says a safety inspection conducted at Heaven’s Fesco Gas Station in Mandeville in September 2019 found that the facility “was perfect in its operations”.

The Minister was addressing the management and staff of the gas station that was extensively damaged by fire on Friday, February 21, during her visit on Sunday.

  “I know the sorrow you must be feeling right now, knowing that your place of employment is closed and there is a lot of uncertainty in your minds about the future. But I know this place will rise again,” she told staff members.

She also urged other service stations to ensure that their staff receive proper training so they can respond in similar situations.

“I am also calling on motorists who come to gas stations to obey the rules. Many times attendants tell someone on a cell phone or smoking a cigarette to desist, but they might not always obey the rules, so as the minister responsible, I am calling on Jamaicans who use service stations to obey the rules as they relate to cell-phone usage, naked light and parking,” she said.

 Meanwhile, owner of the gas station, Trevor Heaven, expressed sympathy to his team for the incident.

“I want to express my sincere apology and sympathy for the trauma that you may have experienced being here at work. Many of our colleagues and friends have come to sympathise with us and we are gratified by the level of support and intervention.” 

The service station has been closed for construction work to begin, to ensure that business returns to normal in the shortest possible time.


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