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333 influenza cases in TT, 40 deaths

333 influenza cases in TT, 40 deaths


While the country braces for the arrival of the coronavirus, the Health Ministry on Monday issued a press release updating the public on the number of confirmed cases of the influenza virus. The ministry said that for 2020, there were 333 cases of influenza for the 2020 flu season, which began last October and runs to May. There have been 40 deaths.

In a release the ministry stated as of Friday, 28 February 99,033 vaccines were administered to the public. This campaign has been implemented to protect the population against the Influenza (Flu) Virus.

The number of suspected influenza cases for the 2019 season was 3,854. “The Influenza virus is serious and is generally more severe than the common cold. The flu vaccine is available, at no cost, at all health centres.” The ministry is asking that children aged six months to five years, pregnant women, adults over 65 and people with chronic medical conditions; such as Diabetes Mellitus or people with chronic respiratory illnesses to visit the nearest health centre for vaccination. Members of the public are advised to contact their nearest health centre to confirm the dates and times that vaccines are distributed.


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