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Government partners with EU and World Bank to strengthen project implementation

Government partners with EU and World Bank to strengthen project implementation


The Government of Grenada in partnership with the World Bank and the European Union has undertaken actions to address challenges confronting the implementation of projects, given that project implementation success, represents a critical focus area for government, especially as it relates to capital projects.  
A comprehensive review of all major capital projects was undertaken during the fourth quarter of 2019 to identify the main issues affecting implementation with a view to proffering corrective actions to mitigate these issues going forward.

Further to the findings of the review, the government has implemented 2 initiatives geared toward augmenting the current rate of project implementation:

  • Symposium on Strengthening Project Implementation
  • Project Implementation Project Appraisal and Risk Analysis Training Workshop

The symposium on Strengthening Project Implementation was held on 16–17 January 2020. This event was coordinated by the Department of Economic and Technical Cooperation (DETC) in collaboration with the Macroeconomic Policy Unit – both under the Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Development, and Physical Development – and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport, and Implementation (MOID).

The symposium provided a platform for senior government officials, Heads of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Project and Planning Officers, to identify and address administrative, operational and other bottlenecks that challenge the effective, efficient and timely implementation of capital projects. A Results-Oriented Plan of Action represented one of the primary outputs of this engagement.

Building on the findings and recommendations of the Symposium, a Project Appraisal, and Risk Analysis Training Workshop was held from 24 February to 3 March 2020. This initiative was facilitated by Professors Fernando Fernholz & Fernando Munoz, both of Duke University and supported by the World Bank. The training workshop attracted the participation of 26 Project and Planning Officers, who upon completion of this 7-day event, received certification in Project Appraisal and Risk Management from Duke University.

Both the symposium on Strengthening Project Implementation and Project Appraisal and Risk Analysis Training Workshop were implemented through support received from the European Union, under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Programme.

The enhancement of the technical competencies of government officials in project appraisal and risk management represents a notable step in addressing the challenges currently confronting the sector in respect of project implementation.


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