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St. Lucia Coronavirus Free-All 15 Patients Recovered

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St. Lucia Coronavirus Free-All 15 Patients Recovered


ALL COVID-19 patients in St Lucia have recovered from the virus and been discharged from hospital, leaving the country with no known active cases and a 100 per cent recovery rate.

The Caribbean island, which had a total of 15 confirmed cases, reported that two patients who remained in isolation up to yesterday have now been released after testing negative.

St Lucia has reported no new cases for 11 consecutive days and no one on the island confirmed to have the coronavirus has died as a result.

The individuals who were confirmed to have the virus included members of the public who were identified as high risk due to their age or chronic illness. They recovered with no complications or the need for critical care, the ministry of health reported.

Chief medical officer Dr Sharon Belmar-George revealed the news in a press conference today.

“We remain at a very critical position in the implementation of the national response to the COVID-19 threat. Large scale public health and social measures have been implemented in an effort to break transmission of COVID-19 when in country transmission was noted. The public must note that many of these measures need to be sustained in an effort to achieve low COVID-19 levels in country,” Belmar-George said.

While the news has been welcomed, Belmar-George said: “We all need to be reminded that the threat of COVID-19 still exists and will continue to be with us for a while.”

An island-wide curfew between the hours of 7pm and 5am is currently in place.

The government has said it will conduct a risk assessment to make an evidence-informed approach to relaxing public health and social measures implemented in response to the outbreak.


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