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Vincentians charged for violating Grenada’s Covid-19 regulation sent to prison

Vincentians charged for violating Grenada’s Covid-19 regulation sent to prison


Two Vincentian nationals and a Grenadian were on Wednesday, 22 April 2020 remanded to prison, after they were charged for violating the Emergency Powers Regulations and other legislation.

Rohan Primus of Union Island, who was allegedly involved in a 2018 kidnapping by Venezuelans, and Shaun Blake of Kingston, as well as Grenadian Stephen Francis of Grand Roy, were brought before the Gouyave Magistrates Court on Wednesday on several charges.

They were caught with cannabis weighing 379 pounds and cash of almost EC$5,000. The cannabis which was caught and seized during a drug raid reportedly has a street value of approximately EC$900,000. The raid was conducted by officers of the Drug Squad and the Coast Guard on the western shoreline community of Non Pariel, St Mark.

Police have confirmed that the men are facing charges for violating 3 legislations.

  • Under the Drug Abuse act – Possession of a Controlled Drug and Trafficking in a Controlled Drug
  • Under the Proceeds of Crime Act – Money Laundering
  • Under the Emergency Powers Covid-19 Regulation, they are facing charges of failing to remain confined to a place of residence; Entering and Disembarking the State without the permission of the relevant Authority or Ministry of Health and Failing to quarantine by coming into the state of Grenada after the 9 March 2020.

The next court hearing will be on 6 May 2020.

Police have also confirmed that on 20 April – the first day of the 3-day easement of the curfew regulation there were 3 drug busts with one involving another Vincentian national. In the Gouyave drug bust, 10 pounds of cannabis were seized; cocaine was caught in the southern St George’s community, while cash was seized in the St David area.


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