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Antigua: Bigamist fined $3,000

Antigua: Bigamist fined $3,000


(ANTIGUA OBSERVER) – An Antiguan man who admitted to having two wives has been fined for his crime.

Moises Benjamin has until July 31 to pay $3,000 or he will spend six months in prison.

Benjamin appeared before Justice Ann-Marie Smith on Monday for sentencing after pleading guilty to bigamy.

He is said to have been separated from his first wife who currently resides in the Dominican Republic.

The offence was reportedly discovered by Immigration officials after Benjamin’s second wife –also from Dominican Republic – was trying to apply for an extension of time in Antigua and Barbuda.

When the applicant identified herself as the wife of Moises Benjamin, officials discovered that Benjamin already had another woman listed as his wife.

The Offenses Against a Person Act states that any married person who marries another person while their first spouse is still alive is guilty of a felony and risks up to three years in prison.


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