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Grenada: Hartman Resort addresses environmental concerns

Grenada: Hartman Resort addresses environmental concerns


Hartman Resort Group Ltd. wishes to address several concerns regarding its development, as expressed in a media release, dated 15 September 2020, from the Grenada Land Actors Platform; as well as similar concerns echoed by members of the public.

Understanding the necessity for the engagement of the public to address questions and concerns, the developers of Hartman Resort have commenced consultations with local stakeholder groups. In the last 2 weeks, they have held discussions with the GAEA Conservation Network and other local interest groups. Those consultations are ongoing, and additional information will be shared with the stakeholders, including the public, at every stage of the project, going forward.

In line with environmental best practices and the laws of Grenada, Hartman Resort Group Ltd., conscious of the endangered status of the Grenada Dove, will work according to the regulations stipulated by their project permission from the Physical Planning Unit.

The developers will employ the highest standards in the development of the project so as not to negatively impact the Bird Sanctuary and the surrounding conservation. They will also preserve and observe the regulations set out for the National Park.

An Environmental Impact Assessment was conducted and completed, and the results and guidelines are available for discussion with various local stakeholders, as necessary. The developers welcome the feedback expressed by various organizations, as it helps to ensure accountability and a better understanding of the local context. The development is as much the business of the citizens of Grenada, as it is the investors — maybe even more so.

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