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Caribbean women inventors and innovators on the move

Caribbean women inventors and innovators on the move


The UK-based Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network will launch the first ever CaribbWIIN (Caribbean Women Inventors and Innovators Network) Conference and Awards Ceremony in Antigua and Barbuda this spring.

On May 18 and 19, CaribbWIIN will bring together female leaders from around the world and their amazing Caribbean counterparts. The women – pioneers, leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers in their career fields and sectors – will meet for discussions and networking opportunities at the event.

The awards highlight the achievements of outstanding women and promise to be an unveiling of many unsung women who demonstrate sheer tenacity, dedication, and determination. The Caribbean event follows the success of GlobalWIIN in shining the spotlight on the creativity of hundreds of women in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.

Dr Bola Olabisi, CEO of GlobalWIIN, said, “It is about time that the world takes notice of the captivating, unique and innovative remedies, concepts, products and processes that women from the Caribbean develop for social and economic growth, regionally and globally.

“We are fascinated with the many discoveries and innovations coming from the Caribbean and we are excited that we shall be putting the spotlight on the intellectual properties of many of these remarkable contributions.”

Amongst the incredible women expected to attend are those with new and practical solutions covering various sectors to include agri-business, healthcare, energy, technology, fashion, and the arts. 

Many of these innovations will demonstrate the greatest potential to solve everyday challenges, while others will bring sustainability forward, by minimising waste or by simply empowering the lives of other women and girls through new, much needed approaches to education, business and wellness.

Award-winning, UK-based Antiguan visual artist, Denize Ledeatte of Peach Mango Maverick, one of the GlobalWIIN alumni says, “I recall vividly the excitement of my award ceremony with GlobalWIIN. I am still friends with many of the women I met, and I am absolutely delighted that this long-awaited gathering is finally putting the spotlight on the many ‘firsts’ by women from the region.

“Given our rich culture and heritage across the Caribbean, I am pleased that this platform has moved into the region to serve as a vehicle to showcase to the world what we already know – the open secret of our resilient creativity and our ingenious innovation, which makes something from nothing continually.”

Head of the Caribbean programmes and ‘Proud To Be Me’ director, Lola Owolabi, voiced her enthusiasm and stressed why this initiative is in favour of women and the young ones.

“I have a passion for working with women and the youth and I am convinced that CaribbWIIN 2022 will assist with bridging the gender gap across all sectors, encompassing an amazing and incredible showcase of knowledge exchange and trade opportunities that would boost self-confidence and the determination to succeed in these challenging times,” she said.

“This would provide an unleashing of great entrepreneurship potentials across the Caribbean.”

Women wishing to attend CaribbWIIN can obtain more information at https://globalwiin.com/programme/.


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