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Coast Guard Captures 32 People Illegally Attempting to Enter Trinidad & Tobago

Coast Guard Captures 32 People Illegally Attempting to Enter Trinidad & Tobago


T&T Guardian- Thirty-two people are in custody after being caught trying to enter Trinidad and Tobago illegally. Their detention comes after the Coast Guard vessel, TTS SCARBOROUGH (CG 42), intercepted a vessel carrying the group, just off Erin Point,  early Tuesday morning.

According to an official statement from the Coast Guard:

“While conducting patrols along the South Coast of Trinidad just after midnight on Tuesday 1st February 2022, TTS SCARBOROUGH detected a vessel which crossed the border between the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. This vessel was subsequently pursued and was intercepted six nautical miles (6 Nm) south of Erin Point.”

The statement added: “This interception led to the discovery of 32 persons attempting to illegally enter Trinidad and Tobago. These persons have since been detained and processed in accordance with health and immigration protocols.”

The Coast Guard notes that TTS SCARBOROUGH (CG 42) and its sister vessel TTS PORT OF SPAIN (CG 41), both recently acquired Cape-Class vessels, have been making a significant contribution to the country’s border security.

“The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard continues to provide border security and other services in the face of the threat of COVID-19 in order to maintain the safety and security of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago through the conduct of maritime security and safety patrols within our area of operations,” the Coast Guard statement assured.


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