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BVI: Premier will call snap election before August — Fraser

BVI: Premier will call snap election before August — Fraser


Third District Representative, Julian Fraser is predicting that Premier Andrew Fahie will call an election before it is constitutionally due.

The next general election is due early next year but the veteran legislator said Fahie’s actions indicate that voters will not have to wait that long.

“If this Premier has his way, I can see based on the things that he is doing, he’s going to call a snap election, and it’s going to be before August. Open your eyes and watch what’s going on,” Fraser told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

Fraser expressed that the last election was February 25, 2019, and argued that political parties were going to start campaigning before the four-year anniversary of that date.

Commenting on the matter, Second District Representative and fellow Opposition legislator, Melvin Turnbull said that Opposition members are committed to working together in the best interest of the people of the Virgin Islands, regardless of what this might mean after an election is called.

We have not discussed any election date

Meanwhile, Premier Andrew Fahie has consistently refuted assertions that any election is likely to be called in the coming months, insisting that his administration has much to do and will not be sidetracked by other issues.

When asked at an unrelated press conference last week whether there are plans to have an election soon, Premier Fahie stated: “We have not discussed when elections will be. When the time comes, the public will know.”

He further insisted that his administration will not preempt the outcome of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) in making a decision about the upcoming polls.

“I know it’s [the COI report] out there to come in, but it’s not going to have me lying down in my bed worried singing ‘Kumbaya my Lord’. I am going to get up with my team and we’re going to run this country. If you do no evil, you fear no evil,” the Premier said.

The Premier also noted that a recent proposal by his Cabinet to amend the Elections Act on issues regarding registration for the elections was not passed with the mindset that elections will be held this year, as some had suggested. 


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