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Dominica Continues To Move Forward With New Housing Developments

Dominica Continues To Move Forward With New Housing Developments


Despite the effect on Dominica’s economy by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica continues to accomplish the goal of providing resilient homes for vulnerable families. 

Committed to revolutionizing the living conditions of Dominicans, ten (10) new housing projects will be developed this year.

With more than 1,500 homes already handed over to Dominicans, the Government has again entrusted MMC Development Ltd., the developing arm of UAE-based consultancy firm Montreal Management Consultants Est., to facilitate the developments in the following locations:

  1. Grand Bay – Dubic
  2. Scotts Head 
  3. Eggleston
  4. Canefield
  5. Vieille Case
  6. Penville
  7. Point Michel
  8. Woodford Hill
  9. Paix Bouche
  10. Roseau Valley

The Government indicated the acquisitions of multiple acres of land to facilitate the construction of various housing interventions nationwide.

Like other housing projects completed by MMC Development Ltd., all structures will be climate-resilient and fully funded by the Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI Dominica)  

All housing units will be standalone units, with ample living room, toilet and bath, kitchen, and laundry spaces. Depending on the demographic need in each location, the structures are primarily three-bedroom housing units.

Apart from an improved standard of living, the housing developments across the country are set to create more employment opportunities.

“As far as this government is concerned, empowerment of local contractors is our priority, and we will continue to ensure that,” said Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

The Prime Minister added that these housing programmes are expected to reduce Dominica’s vulnerability in the face of disaster.

Upon the completion of the new housing developments, about two hundred seventy-five (275) Dominican families will have a new home of their own.

Further details for each project will be published periodically as provided by the developer. 


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