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Nations’ 6th form student tops the world


(Guyana Chronicle) John McGrath, a Guyanese student of the School of the Nations made history when he scored 99 out of 100 at the Cambridge International June 2021 English Language examinations, surpassing more than one million students from 136 countries worldwide to be the top Cambridge International Advanced Subsidiary (AS) student.

McGrath noted that the news caught him by surprise stating, “Dad was leaning against the door frame with a humongous smile on his face; I was baffled. He started by saying the Director of the School (Dr. Brian O’Toole) had called him. Those are very daunting and puzzling words to hear as a high school student. Luckily, dad was still smiling, which gave me hope. Dad unfolded the news that I gained the “Outstanding Cambridge Learner’s Award” for topping the world in AS English at last year’s May/June examinations,” the young man noted in a press release issued by School of the Nations.

AS level exams are sat at the end of the first year of Sixth Form.

He noted that while he knew his grade was “very high” he never expected that he would be the person who topped the world, stating that he feels elated that a Guyanese has proven their ability to the world.

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