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Koffee Encourages Fans to ‘Shine’ in New Single

Koffee Encourages Fans to ‘Shine’ in New Single


by Jovani Davis

Jamaican Grammy kid Koffee has released another new single Shine that will appear on her highly anticipated debut album Gifted which is set to be released on Friday.

The acoustic production brings a soothing atmosphere as Koffee calls for peace and an end to gun violence amidst rising concerns surrounding violence in Jamaica. “Let’s just stay alive. Youths have to find a way to put the nine away. Peace and love finally,” she sings.

Shine is one of the four songs that have been released from her ten-track album – the others being Pull UpWest Indies and 2020 summer hit Lockdown.

Born Mikayla Simpson, Koffee spoke to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about the origins of her new song which was produced by UK beatsmith Jae5.

“So, I was actually in London, and I think this was 2019, possibly. I was just in my hotel room practicing on my guitar, I knew I had a studio session later that night and I decided I was going to come up with some chords. Those are the four chords that came to me, went to the studio with them, played them for Jae5, the producer,” Koffee stated.

The Toast singer added that Jae5 was really impressed with what he heard and started working on the track immediately.

“He was like yo, this is dope and started working on it immediately. While he was building the track, I was just in the back starting up my melodies and that’s what we came up with.”

Gifted follows Koffee’s Reggae Grammy-award winning EP Rapture which peaked at No.1 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart in 2019.

Many fans took to the artiste’s comment section to show their appreciation for her new single which was released one day ago and has over 100,000 views on YouTube.

One user wrote “When she sing reggae is a blessing. No matter how dull our lives seems, let our love for humanity #Shine always”.

Another user added “Koffee is an exemplary icon in the music industry!  She shines with epic & positive vibrations, and she also emanates kindness as well as homage to the Jamaican culture. Please keep up the good work!”

There are no restrictions to Koffee’s talent and fans are eager for the release of her album on Friday. The socio-political problems that permeate parts of Jamaica have seeped into her music have helped to make Koffee the artiste she is today.


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