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Take a Sip of her Cocoa Tea


Offering us a sip of summer earlier than expected, Afro- Caribbean singer and songwriter Sabrina Francis invites us to take a sip of her Cocoa Tea.

Channeling positivity and summer vibes, Cocoa Tea is an uplifting reflection of Sabrina’s story growing up in Grenada in a humble home, without the privileges many take for granted. In her simple yet joyful childhood, the only source of entertainment for Sabrina was singing with her friends and family. It comes as no surprise that music became her second language and a means to cope with life.

Produced by Sabrina and Dieter Burkhalter (Music & Beyond, Pure Grenada Music Festival), mixed by Samuel Bauer (Audio Konzeptz) and mastered by Andre Pousaz, the track opens a new chapter in the rising artiste’s journey to bring positivity and optimism to people all over the world.

Bringing her fresh Caribbean sound and memories to a vibrant music video filmed in London, Sabrina pours her radiant soul into her new track while she shares a message of optimism and inner peace.

Speaking with CNW, Sabrina highlighted that Cocoa Tea is a light-hearted recollection of her core memories and that’s what motivated to write the song.

“I grew up in a small wooden house in the countryside of Grenada and most evenings my mom would light the candles and the kerosene lamp, send my siblings and I outside to the yard to entertain ourselves while she started dinner, which often was made up of Cocoa Tea and whatever starch and meat was available at the time. My elder sister would sometimes lead this play- time, by teaching us song harmonies, or telling us stories until our mom called us in for tea.”

 Released alongside an enchanting music video, the infectious sweetness of Cocoa Tea drifts through the song and accompanying music video, which begins with a reminder from Sabrina’s mother to enjoy her tea.

Family and music has always been an integral part of Sabrina’s life and will always be, she shared while highlighting that music is a tool she uses to cope with life.

“Next to my family, music is the biggest aspect of my life. It’s the tool I use to maintain my sanity and cope with life. Whatever happens in the future one thing is for certain I will always make music and write songs, it will always be a part of me.”

 Released on April 22, the track has been getting great reviews and has over 160,000 views on YouTube. Cocoa Tea has already been featured on BBC Radio London, who called it “A beautiful track”, and on Chris Baxter’s BBC Late Show, where he said: “What an evocative record, I love it!”

With such glowing reviews from BBC Radio London and Chris Baxter’s BBC Late Show you can be sure you’ll be hearing a lot from the Grenadian pop artist over the coming months, especially around carnival time in London for her next tour!

Sabrina is currently working on her EP and fans can expect a lot of new music in the near future.

“I’m having songwriting sessions like crazy. I’m really nailing down my style which is “Afro-Caribbean Pop” . It’s meaningful and uplifting, incorporating traditional with contemporary sounds and It’s exhilarating. I can’t wait to share.”


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