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3 reasons why you should never trust ABS

3 reasons why you should never trust ABS


Two days ago, Prime Minister Gaston Browne shared a post on his Facebook page.

It stated: “Never place all your trust in a single news source.” Many prominent Caribbean historians will also warn you against believing a single story.

If the General Manager of ABS had her way, you’d be listening to a single story, the ABS way.

Here are three reasons why you should never trust ABS news.

One sided- Anyone listening to ABS news should know that they are only getting half the news, from the government side. I read a comment from the General Manager of ABS under a post by an ABLP Minister. She was quick to trash the other media houses, but I wish to say to her that it is on these media houses that we get all aides and we TRUST them more for their unbiased and balanced reporting. For ABS, if the government minister doesn’t say it, it isn’t true. Their idea of factual news is anything that comes out of Melford and Cutie’s mouth.

Regular people have no voice on ABS- The role of the media is to stand up to the powerful isn the name of the powerless. Well not on ABS, say anything against the minister and you get the boot from the lady who manages the social media pages. There is a lack of reporting on stories that matter to average working and unemployed people. The angle is always the government angle and not the people’s concern. Two thirds of the things that actually happen in Antigua are not reported on ABS, take the underreporting of crime for example, take the people’s cry over the high cost of living for example. Do you see ABS’ news addressing this on the front burner.

Unethical treatment of staff- You can trust ABS’ management to treat staff like sh*t. Just name it, anything from unwarranted and unjustified disciplinary action to incentive remarks, withholding hard earned increases and overtime pay to an overall poor working condition.

I can’t wait for Pointe TV so the vicious monopoly funded by taxpayers to end. You’d think you’d be getting good representation from the entity that you fund right? It is no wonder that their viewership has dropped. They boast of 100k plus Facebookers but cant get 600 people to watch their prime time news cast live.

What a shame. A dam shame. Thanks to the Observer and Antigua Newsroom for giving up the other side, standing up for the powerless and giving us a voice.


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