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Stachio Williams offers ambitious vision for constituency #5

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Stachio Williams offered his vision to deliver a secure future for Sandy Point, Fig Tree and La Vallee during the opening of his vision centre on Tuesday night.  Fundamental to this vision were policies to grow the economy with a focus on small business by setting up a dedicated incubation space, mentorship and support with accessing finance. There were also ambitious plans to set up a business association to support business growth and export plans.  Stachio also set out plans to develop programmes to assist the most vulnerable, to address mental health problems and reduce poverty so that the people of constituency #5 are better protected.  In front of a large crowd of Sandy Pointers, Stachio stated how he would create jobs for local people by supporting farming and offering more training.  Commenting on how he would do this, Stachio said “If we look around us we can see so many opportunities for job creation. All that’s needed is visionary leadership. I offer that to Constituency #4, supported by the visionary Leadership of Dr. Timothy Harris and the PLP.” Prime Minister Timothy Harris also made clear that Stachio’s business experience would make him a key part of his PLP team. 
Harris said, “It is an ambitious plan that Stachio has to deliver a secure future. But he is ambitious for this community, for the people who live here. And he has the strength and passion to deliver what he promises. And he is part of the PLP’s strong economic management team so you are now he can deliver that secure future.”


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