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Body Building: Nevisian Places 1st And 3rd In Regional & International Bodybuilding Competitions


Toni Nisbett, a female Bodybuilder from High View Terrace, Prospect Estate, St. John’s Parish, Nevis, earned 1st and 3rd place in the 2022 IFBB Florida Classic on June 26, 2022.

Toni won 1st place in the Master Women’s Bikini over 35 years category and placed 3rd in the open Women’s Bikini category.

The lineup consisted of six beautiful and fit young ladies from Venezuela, Canada, and the United States.

Toni was pleased with winning her category but she fell short of her ultimate goal which is to win the professional card to become a pro athlete.

In order to win this Toni would have to place 1st in the women’s bikini open category but fell short by placing 3rd.

The following weekend Toni journeyed to St. Martin to compete at the IFBB Inter-Island Bodybuilding Fitness & Physique Championship which was held in St. Martin on July 3, 2022.

Toni placed 3rd in the Women’s Bikini Short Class Category.

This category had six beautiful ladies from French St. Martin, Dutch St. Martin, Barbados and Guadeloupe.

Toni is happy and proud of her 2022 Bodybuilding Season and grateful for every opportunity to grace the stage to try to achieve her goal.

Toni would like to thank those closest to her for their endless love and support.

Toni will continue to learn and grow from each show experience and implement the judges’ comments after each show to improve her physique and stage presence.

Toni’s attendance at these shows will not be possible without the financial support from her sponsors.

Toni would like to send a huge thank you to her Gold Sponsor the Bank of Nevis International Limited.

They were the 1st to come on board for her 2022 Bodybuilding Season and because of their sponsorship, Toni was able to do a show for the 1st time in the United States.

The following is a list of her sponsors:
• Bank of Nevis International Limited —- Gold Sponsor
• Nevis Island Administration—– Silver Sponsor
• Chop Shop Nevis
• Islander Watersports
• F.I.T. Wellness Center
• Nevis Spring Water

Donations were received from the following persons:
• Jane France
• Julian Nisbett
• Julian Nisbett II
• Dr. Shivani
• Dr. Sunual Rai
• Dr. Mr. & Mrs. Kacker
• Dr. Manisha Arora
• Joseph Smith
• Compassionate Touch Spa & Guest House

Toni would like to thank God for protecting her on her travels and a big thank you again to her sponsors and her coaches Mr. David Walwyn and Dr. Jean-luc De Ganot and all her well-wishers.


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